Pian di Spagna Natural reserve in Valchiavenna

Bike tour: Nature reserve on lake Como

3 May 2018
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Pian di Spagna is a small plain, extending slightly less than 1600 hectares, located at the confluence of Valtellina and Valchiavenna, between Lago di Mezzola and the northernmost part of Lake Como.


A bike tour surrounded by the beauty of the Pian di Spagna nature reserve, rich in biodiversity, is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Pian di Spagna nature reserve is of particular importance from a landscape and naturalistic point of view.

We can cycle along the bike path and have the opportunity to immerse ourselves completely in a unique ecosystem and admire a rich variety of flora and fauna, typical of wet and lake environments.


Every season of the year the naturalistic environment of the Pian di Spagna reserve offers truly wonderful surprises.

The reserve is a territory rich in historical and artistic heritage, we can cycling and visit two precious architectural treasures inherited from the past, the Romanesque temple of San Fedelino and the Fort of Fuentes.


Take the opportunity to spend a relaxing day discovering unique aspects of this wonderfull territory immersed in nature, don’t loose the occasion to visit its ancient medieval structures.

  • The romanic church of San Fedelino.
  • The Fort of Fuentes

The romanic church of San Fedelino.

The church of San Fedelino is located near the final stretch of the ancient Strada Regina which, since Roman times, connected Milan with the regions of the Alps, through the Spluga, Settimo and Maloja passes.

The origins of the building date back to the Xth Century and its history is closely related to the martyrdom of San Fedele, whose relics were miraculously found in 964 and later transported to Como


The fort of Fuentes

The fort of Fuentes, built at the height of the Spanish domination on Milan people (1535-1706) and located in a region considered “key of Italy, gate of the peninsula, parade ground, heart, center and antemural of the monarchy “, that is the state of Milan.

The construction of the fortress began on October 25, 1603, by order of the Spanish governor of the state of Milan on behalf of the crown of Spain, Pedro Enriquez de Acevedo count of Fuentes to defend the northern border of the Duchy from the French and Grisons, which at the time they occupied the Valtellina and the Valchiavenna.

Short Descriptions taken from the official website: piandispagna.it

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